Dandiya dance is one of the finest dance forms of Gujarat origin. The special dance moves of this art are very special with the sound of the stick being held in the hands.dandiya dance Style decoration and ornaments are a unique one. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a favorite pastime of the whole of India.We have been performing the dandiya dance with some of the best artists in South India for a long time. All the dancers we have are Gujaratis only

We treat our dance in two ways. The first 30 minutes are spent playing Dandiya with a stick in hand. The second part is the art form of Garba which is 30 minutes and the total show time is 1 hour.

Contact our Dandiya dance group at 9884436365-9884403648


John milton

Art Group Officer bharathar is well known in India for performing dance performances

Dandiya Hari
Dandiya Hari

Team Leader Hari is the best choreographer and best dancer in South India

dandiya rass
Dandiya Dance Team

Our dance troupe conducts dance with at least three female artists and three male artists with a total of six individuals

dandiya group
Dandiya Garba Dance songs

We already come to the art show and host the show in preparation for many popular songs in particular.So you can’t change songs at event

About Bharatha kali koodam

The koothupattari of Bharatakalaikkudam in Chennai effectively does the job of preserving the traditional Indian arts and passing them on to the next generation. As a part of it, Dandiya Rass has also successfully performed Gujarati dance on many stages as an art form. Our group in South India is a traditional Dandiya Dance group that is traditionally conducted without change. We are waiting for your call. Our art group will give you pleasure. Thanks.

You can also join us in the Dandiya dance. Only then will dandiya dance be the best. We always carry 20 pairs of sticks. If more people are attending your event, talk to our leader about them